A Better way to Savings & Better protection

Let Jeffrey be your Personal insurance shopper
With my Personal Insurance Shopping Service, I offer you a unique way to receive both the insurance savings you deserve and the right protection for your needs. I take the time to understand your needs and shop for the best insurance available that fits your situation. You will clearly know what coverage and savings options you have. My office represents over 12 of the leading insurance companies in the country. Let me leverage my expert the ability to shop multiple companies for you.  Yes. There is a better way to save 15% on your insurance.

There are plenty of online insurance companies that promise to save you money, but getting an accurate quote or a straight answer on specific coverage questions can be difficult. Let my Personal Insurance Shopper Service help eliminate that confusion.  I will discuss your unique needs with you and, design you an affordable solution. You will receive an accurate rate and you will be provided with a proposal that is easy to understand so. You will be certain of what coverage and price options you have.

I find that most people make the mistake of asking about their insurance coverage after a claim is made. This can lead to unnecessary stress, worries and hidden surprises. I provide clarity, peace of mind, guidance and savings so my clients can focus on the things that matter most in life.

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